The following is a list of our current programs:

Church Planting through Open Air Evangelism – Sharing the word of God in the market places and carrying out person to person Evangelism. We currently have planted churches among the Masai people, the Arusha people and in the Mara region – Musoma district.

Open Air Evangelism

Building Churches – We are continually building churches as the Lord provides money. Currently we have seven church buildings in different phases of construction.

Rehoboth Bible School
– This is a school where we train our pastors to equip them with a sound doctrine.


Mretemu Orphanage and Childrens Home – This is where we invite orphans and children from harsh environments to come and stay with us. We provide them with food and shelter along with schooling and skill training such as computers, sewing and more.


Serving the Needy – During the famine time of the year we provide them with food and clothing. Recently we have been helping the Hadzabe tribe with clothing and food.

Sponsoring Pastors and Evangelists – We have pastors and evangelists who are working in a harsh environment who need your support. These servants of the Lord are national missionaries who sometimes suffer without food or medication for long periods. This is an immediate need. Please contact us if you can help.

Vocational Training – We offer vocational training to help people become self supporting.